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CMS ? What's that??

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We're not big fans of jargon or abbreviations so we'd like to shed some light on one of the buzz-word of the website world.

'CMS' stand for 'Content Management System'.  A Content Management System is software that allows you to add or change the content of your website yourself.

News, text and images can become out-dated quickly in the fast-paced business world.  Previously, making changes meant paying a web developer to do it for you.  This can be costly and time-consuming and Content Management systems are the solution!

Ideally, a CMS is designed to be familiar from the first use, with buttons and menus that are similar to programs you're already familiar with.  This means you can make changes instantly.  Also, a CMS should track your visitor statistics so you can see which pages on your website are the most popular.  Being aware of your most popular content means you can quickly and easily add more of what people want.

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