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Update your website in minutes

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You might think that managing your own website takes training, expertise or (worst of all) time.  But updating your own site can be done in minutes and can make the difference between a visitor leaving your site without a second-glance, or picking up the phone and contacting you.  

Here are some quick and easy tips to updating your site:

  1. Latest News = Greatest News - Having a section with your business's latest news is a great idea.  Any time your company has a new press release, launches a new product, or even hires a new employee, it should be added your Latest News.  Now your visitors will see how active your business is!  It's also a great reason for past visitors to return to your site, to see what's new with you.
  2. Blog, baby! - Writing a blog is a quick way to drive visitors to your site.  A good way to get started is to blog about the very next question that one of your customers asks.  Chances are, there are thousands of other people with the same question.
  3. Use their news - If you can't think of your own news to write, find someone else's!  Lots of people use mainstream news articles as inspiration for writing their blogs, especially if it's relevant to their business.  But be careful about copying content directly from other sites, you can be penalised by search engines if you're caught doing this.
  4. Ask the Expert - Why not set up and 'Ask the Expert' section on your site?  Your visitors can submit questions via and online form on your site and an expert will respond with an answer that will also be posted on your website.  This is a sure-fire way to make sure all of the latest, most relevant questions are being answered.
  5. Interviews - Send a list of questions to an expert in your field, then post the interview on your website!  Always make sure to maintain the integrity of the interview, don't change any of the answers after they've been sent to you.
  6. Add customer's content - Set up a way for your customers to send you content after they've used your products and services.  Many of your customers may have pictures or blogs related to working with you, just ask!  With their permission, you can post this on your site for your visitors to see.
  7. How-to guides - Everyone loves a good 'how-to'.  Write a series of quick guides that will help to solve your customer's problems.  If you become known for your helpful 'how-to's, your visitors will come back again and again for your hints and tips.
  8. Copywriters: modern day superheroes - Of course, the easiest way to keep your site up to date is to hire a copywriter to write new content for you.  The most common way to do this is to have a pro-copywriter write articles for your business.  You would then post these on your website to drive visitors to your site.  You can set up a schedule, or even just try it as a one-off.  Either way, you'll be thrilled every time a well-written, well-researched article magically appears in your email inbox!

Add content that will help or interest your customers and that's clearly relevant to your business.  For an example, check out one of our customer's blogs and .  They're a London-based vegetarian restaurant

Do you want to be in control of your own website, when you want, where you want?  Contact us now, we're always happy to help!

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