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15 tips to help market your website

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  1. Submit your website to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN
  2. Add your business details to Google's business listing service
  3. Remember to put your web address on all your business stationery, cards, signs, event displays, and vehicles if you have them
  4. Add a link to your website from your email signature
  5. Ensure your website copy contains 'keywords' - the words visitors are likely to search for to find your business, particularly in the main page title and headings
  6. If you use Creation Centre to manage your website, ensure you type in 'summary' and 'keywords' in for each page
  7. Find online trade directories that are local or relate to your business sector, and add your details to them, including your web address
  8. Contact other related websites, and agree to exchange links (place a link from your website to theirs, and vice versa)
  9. Post helpful tips or advice to others in online forums, adding your web address to your footer when posting
  10. Contact existing customers and tell them about your new website
  11. Keep your website content fresh and up-to-date to encourage repeat visits
  12. Ensure your website emphasises your unique selling points, such as personal service or unbeatable price
  13. Consider adding additional free content to your website, such as articles or information, to attract additional visitor.
  14. Consider online pay-per-click or banner marketing such as Google Adwords
  15. Consider traditional methods such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television or postal adverts

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