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Struggling with Twitter? Try TweetDeck

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If you've just signed up for a Twitter account, and you're anything like us, you may be wondering what the fuss is about.  At first it seems like simply a place where you can post status updates - just like a myriad of other sites.

It's only when you start looking at some of the other tools that are built on top of Twitter that it starts to get exciting.   

Tweetdeck is one such tool - and it's free.  It allows you to search Twitter for particular topics and see tweets appearing in real-time - so you'll always have the latest info about your business sector, your competitors or your customers.

You can set up searches for certain keywords, for example we have searches set up for 'CreationCentre' and 'Siteclick' so we're notified if someone is tweeting about us - we can then speak to them via Twitter (using Tweetdeck) to see if they need help or have any feedback for us.

It also let's you manage multiple Twitter accounts, so if you have a personal account and a business account you can easily manage them both from one place.

We manage eight different Twitter accounts using Tweetdeck and it has seriously cut down on the admin time we spend updating our tweets.  You can even view and manage your Facebook account from Tweetdeck (ahem, all for business, of course)

First, you'll need to sign up for a free Twitter account at
Then download Tweetdeck for free at

Then launch Tweetdeck and let the fun begin!

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