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Are you safe when you're browsing the web?

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This week both Germany and France issued country-wide warnings against using Internet Explorer.  The web browser contains security flaws that could leave your computer open to malicious attacks.

Earlier this month 'highly sophisticated and targeted attacks' were made on top internet/tech companies including Google and Adobe.  The companies were attacked partially due to a security problem in Internet Explorer.  Microsoft have admitted being partially at fault and are taking steps to improve their browser.

Internet Explorer 6 is considered the most vulnerable.  Anyone using this version of IE should upgrade to a newer version immediately.  To find out what browser you're using, visit this website -

Better yet, use a different, safer browser.  We recommend using Firefox for browsing the internet.  It's free to download, quick to install and transfers your old info from your previous browser.  The best part is that it's about 8 times faster than Internet Explorer - you'll be able to browse the internet more quickly.

Download a new, safer browser:


More Information about this issue:

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