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An Evening with Colston Hall, Bristol

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Last night we spent the night sipping beverages and touring Colston Hall in Bristol.   GWE Business West regularly plan evening events for its members - sometimes the venues are pretty stunning.  For example, we've networked at the Roman Baths in Bath, and the S.S. Great Britain and Colston Hall in Bristol.

I learned about Colston Hall's education programme for young people.  It turns out that they have amazing facilities for young people in Bristol that want to get involved with music.  We cheekily asked for a tour of the educational music facilities (it wasn't 'on the menu', but they seemed happy to show us around).  I was impressed by what I saw.  Rehearsal space, recording space, and equipment to help young people learn how to mix, master, and produce their own music.

They also host learning workshops and invite working musicians in to talk about their working lives.

I encourage people to keep these facilities in mind, and spread the word.  These facilities are free to use for 15-18 year olds - pretty amazing when you think of it.  There's more info on the Education section of the Colston Hall website.

Colston Hall
(photo used courtesy of Colston Hall)

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