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Being social can help you rank in Google

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On 27th January, 2010 Google started rolling out Social Search on (in beta).  Social search will return relevant content created by your online contacts (for example, their blog posts or tweets) when you do an online search.  These results may be more relevant to you because they're from sources you know and trust.

For example - say you did a search for 'web design Bristol'.  Google would show you a list of web design companies based in Bristol.  However, you may also begin to see content from your online contacts appear in the search.  These results will be labeled 'Results from your social circle'.

So if one of your online contacts blogged about how amazing their Bristol-based web designer is - you would see this blog appear in your search.  Or if one of your contacts tweeted about a new web design company that they're working with - this tweet would appear in your search results.

These results may be more relevant to you because you know and trust these people - so you're more likely to believe what they say.

On the flip-side, the content you create may also appear in your contacts' searches.

Although Google Social Search is brand-new and only just getting started, it's a sign that businesses and  individuals need to be creating regularly published, interesting and relevant content.

If you'd like access to Google Social Search, you'll need to set up a free Google profile and link it to your online profiles (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.).  You'll also need to use, it hasn't yet been launched for  More information can be found on Google's blog.

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