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Your website visitors expect you to be social

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Your website visitors expect you to be social

No doubt that you've heard all about social networking and social media.  According to some stats on Facebook there are 400 million active users.  Twitter boasts an estimated 5 million users according to internet marketing giant, HubSpot.

The future of the web is social

Facebook and Twitter are essentially about the same thing - communication.  They both allow you to keep in touch with people.  They'll even allow you to keep in touch with people you've never met (some of them in sky-high places).

Want to say something to Bill Gates?  Go right ahead.  Fancy a twitter-chat with Steven Fry?  Be my guest.  These accounts have been verified by Twitter so you know that they're linked to the right people.  Essentially, it's a powerful way to get in touch.

Social interaction is becoming an expectation

Clients, consumers and even complete strangers are beginning to see communication as their right.  The news has long been open to public input with blog comments and invitations to 'text your views'.  Many businesses have twitter accounts where they publicly manage praise, problems and complaints for all the world to see.

Don?t worry, be social

It may seem scary to be 'gettable' in such a public way.  What if someone leaves a bad review?

Be prepared for good, bad and luke warm feedback.  Know that it will happen, and try not to worry about it.  The only way to get perfect feedback is to be perfect.  If you do your best work, people will usually understand that you're only human.

The truth is, feedback is the best part.  You can use it to become better at what you do.  We run a handful of blogs, twitter accounts and an online forum so we know how it works first hand.  The occasional constructive comments are dealt with quickly and with a level head.

Get started

Being social on the web is a great way to continue an open conversation with clients or consumers - get involved now and reap the rewards.

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