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Eight simple things a website needs

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Here are a few simple tips that your website should follow:

  • Attractive design - you don't have to pay thousands for a custom design, but your website does have to be attractive.  Clean and professional is a great place to start.
  • A call to action - tell your visitors what you want them to do and they'll be more likely to do it.
  • Contact details on every page - Someone loves your business and has decided to get in touch.  Awesome!  Make sure it's easy for them to reach you.
  • Current content - that means content with a current date attached to it.  Import your twitter feed to your home page, have your latest blog post listed on your home page, something that shows that your website has been updated recently.
  • Search or sitemap - give your visitors every tool they need to find the information they're looking for.  This means providing a sitemap or a (good) search feature.
  • Content that a 12 year old can read - Your content should be kept as simple as possible.  Avoid jargon like the plague and stick to the facts.  No flowery language required - but don't be afraid to let a little personality show through every now and again.
  • A way home - clicking the logo should take visitors back to the home page, it's what many visitors will expect.
  • Website statistics - you'll never know if your website is doing well or going down the pan unless you track your web stats.  Google Analytics is free to install and quick to learn.  Once you get in to your web stats, you'll love it…

Think something is missing from this list?  Contact us at and we'll add it!

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