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Our new website - why the new look?

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Our new website - why the new look?

Today marks the launch of our new website design, and we have a big ol' crush on it - but why the new look?

Here's a quick run-down of the improvements we've made to our web design:

Examples of what we do - where you want them

Most people that come to visit us online hang out on the portfolio page.  So we made it really easy for you to see samples of our work right from the home page.  We added a gallery of our latest work with big beautiful pictures and also a place to feature our most recent website.

Easy access to our blog

Based on web stats, our portfolio page is the most popular, but the blog page is next in line.  We're chuffed you keep coming back and we've made it easier to see our three latest articles on the home page.  You can also subscribe to our blog from the home page, too.


We've added our latest tweet to our homepage so we can easily connect with you.  It'll also keep you in-the-know about what we're doing right now.

Website footer of your dreams

We've made the footer of our new website work for its dinner.  We've taken all of the information that you look for the most often (our services, testimonials, blog posts, social media info, and contact info) - and we've added it where you can find it quickly and easily.  The same information appears at the bottom of every page to save you time when you're looking around.

Support - our obsession

We're really proud of the support we give you, so we thought we'd show you how important it is to us.  On our support page, we're now publishing live information about how quickly we give support, and how reliable our website hosting is (our 'server up-time').  You can also easily submit a support ticket or pay an invoice online from our support page.

Let us know what you think!

We're itching for feedback about the new website, we'd appreciate if you'd leave us a comment at the bottom of this post.  Don't be shy - and thanks for stopping by to check out our new website design!

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