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Optimising your SEO for better clickthrough

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Optimising your SEO for better clickthrough

Spring has most definitely sprung here in Bristol, and what could possibly be a better way to welcome in the new season than looking at a bit of Google Analytics data?!  

One of my favourite features in Google Analytics is the ability to view the proportion of visitors who click on your website when searching for a particular term in search engines.  This is known as the clickthrough rate, or CTR for short.

You can access it by going to Traffic Sources > Search Engine Optimisation > Queries.

This shows you some really important web marketing information:

  • What search terms are causing my website to display in Google?
  • Where does my website rank for this term?
  • What proportion of people searching for this term click on my link?

If your website is ranking well but for the wrong terms, you may need to consider either:

  • Tweaking your SEO for different search terms
  • Or, revising your product offering to offer what visitors are really searching for

If your clickthrough rate is low, you need to look at:

  • Writing more enticing titles in your <title> tag
  • Writing better descriptions in your meta description tag

If your ranking is poor, you need to consider additional SEO to rise up the rankings.

Do you need any advice about your website design or marketing?  Do get in touch.

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